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Christian Mähler
Weltzienstr. 20
76135 Karlsruhe
Telefon: 0177-4451209

E-Mail: christian [dot] maehler [at] lesereins [dot] de   
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Twyric = Twitter + lyric. Twyric is an experiment. It has no further meaning but providing a background for contemplation.
Twyric combines lyric Twitter tweets with photos from flickr in real time. Follow @twyric ...

How is it working?
We get all tweets with the hashtags #haiku, #twyric, #twly, #gedicht, #poesie, #lyric, #poetry, #limerick, #poetic and #poem with help of Twitters reals time search. Then we split it by "/" (slash) to get the rows for displaying it. You can define your own hashtag set in my twyric In addition, we remove @<twittername> content as well as all hashtags. Because an image says more than 1000 words, we try to parse for keywords, getting rid of stopwords. With these keywords, the flickr API is used for a full text search of matching images. Now, the tweet with the matching image is displayed.
How can I contribute?
Simply tweet with one of the hashtags mentioned above. We are using the real time search, that means that older tweets may not be found. At the moment, no tweets are stored.
How can I report errors or make suggestions?
Try our UserVoice at
Twyric is build with PHP, Javascript and jQuery.

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