- If you wan't real lyric, try to retrieve tweets with slashes only; slashes indicate a new line in lyrics.  
Select the order of the hashtags by drag-and-drop. Tweets with these hashtags are retrieved from Twitter when you restart twyric. You can also add non-lyric hashtags ...

Restart twyric ...

URL Parameter

You can use the speed-Parameter in a URL to define the speed directly at startup. Please note, that the speed is defined in milliseconds. Valid values are between 5.000 (5 sec) and 40.000 (40 sec). Example:
You can use the hash-Parameter in a URL to define the hashtags to be used in twyric. You can use a comma delimited list in order to define multiple tags. Please do not use the hash character "#"! Example:,tanka
Restart twyric ...
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